Forthcoming book:
Objects: USA 2024, co-written with Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy, 2024 
Texts in books:
"Image Economy", Casually Sauntering the Perimeter of Now, Misha Kahn; published by apartamento, 2023
"Una Golosità Moderna: Ponti and Chiesa at FontanaArte", Fontana Arte - Vivere nel Vetro, exhibition catalog, Le Stanze del Vetro, Venezia, published by Skira, 2022
"Contemporary Camouflage - Mallory Weston", Jewelry Stories: Highlights from the Collection 1947-2019, Museum of Arts and Design, published by Arnoldsche, 2020
"Jewelry For Tomorrow", Jiro Kamata: Voices, published by Arnoldsche, 2019
"Hyper-Real Jewellery", Preziosa Young 2017, Florence, Italy
"What is it you do Exactly? Categorizing Contemporary Jewelry through Exhibitions" (also online); & "Distance and Respect: Interview with Ruudt Peters", SHOWS & TALES - On Jewelry Exhibition Making,  2015

Magazines/printed media/online:
"To Dream is to Decide: In the Studio with Julia Walter", Metalsmith Magazine, 2020​​​​​​​
"+White T-Shirt/- White Cube", Metalsmith Magazine, 2019
"Feeling Myself with Jewellery", Commentary for Norwegian Crafts Paper#1 published for the Tone Vigeland retrospective at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany, 2017
"Seeing Estonia through Cult Jewelry", SIRP Magazine, Estonia (link in Estonian, for english find it on my blog), 2016
"Adam Grinovich : Zine", interview with me by Adam Grinovich, self published zine, 2015
Greater Than Or Equal To - my former blog about contemporary art jewelry, circa 2011 - 2015
Writing/editing x Current Obsession Magazine (in print and republished online)
MJW21 Edition Paper, featuring "A Post-Digital Prophecy - Virtual Space and Jewellery", Current Obsession Magazine online, 2021
MJW Paper #4 featuring "Jewellery & Politics- It's kind of a Thing Right Now", 2017, editor of this issue
Issue #6 Special Addition CULT  featuring curatorial text, "Us Against the World and Jewellery in Between", 2017
MJW Paper #3 featuring interviews with Peter Skubic and Dr. Petra Hölscher; 2016, editor of this issueIssue #5 Vernacular featuring "The Way of the Future: Göran Kling", interview; editor of this issue, 2016
MJW Paper #2 featuring "Crystal Obsession: Lessons from an Alien Star-Seed"; & "Inner Rooms with Hanna Hedman", interview, 2015
Issue #4 Supernatural featuring "Ooga Booga Land: Los Angeles"; & "Distance from the Stars: Interview with Warwick Freeman"; editor of this issue, 2015
Issue #3 F@K3 featuring "BLING IS OK!", 2014
Issue #1 The Archetype Issue featuring "NO FUSS with Karl Fritsch"; & "Show and Tell with Alexander Blank", interviews, 2013
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