Statement 2016 
What is the most minimal way to satisfy the intention of an object? What are the most immediate actions to take - and the most basic of materials or things - needed to render something being made into the object it’s supposed to be?  I look to find the lowest common denominator possible when it comes to making anything; sometimes it’s the easiest way out, the fastest option, or the most readily available (like a shoe lace instead of a chain), but it’s also perfect when it’s right. When something is just enough to satisfy but not settle, that’s the secret formula. Recently I’ve experimented with these concepts through replicating/rethinking devotional Christian imagery and paraphernalia that often end up mocking the types of objects they mimic.

   work can be found exclusively at OHMYBLUE, Venice, Italy 
or get a custom piece directly from me on Etsy or thru DM on instagram 
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