Selected projects, most of which are hand-engraved signet rings,
all made between Italy and New York.
Ring for Stacy
18 k yellow gold with hand-engraved daisy and diamonds of the client, 2022

Ring for Natalie
24 K gold plated silver with diamond, 2021
Ring for Becky (Tiger)
yellow gold and garnet, 2021
Ring for Simone (Ponte Vecchio)
18 K yellow gold, 2021
Ring for Rachel (Reggie is the Prize Ring)
sterling silver, ink, 2021
Ring for Antonin
Sterling silver, 2018

Ring for Adam
sterling silver, 2017

Ring for Manu 
sterling silver, ink, 2017

Ring for Paul 
sterling silver, ink, 2017

Ring for Göran
sterling silver, 2017

Ring for Marghe
sterling silver, ink, 2016

Ring for Scott
engraved sterling silver, 2016

Ring for Rose
engraved 24k gold-plated silver, 2016

Cross for David
Hand cast and pulled sterling silver wire, 2016

Ring for Christopher
with the Pelican in her Piety
engraved sterling silver, 2016 

Ring for Luca 
engraved sterling silver, 2016

Class Ring for Rebecca
engraved sterling silver, 2015

Ring for Leslie 
sterling silver, 2014 

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